Everything you need for your Startup Journey

Startup Alliance is a social enterprise that has been set up to help all budding entrepreneurs with getting their ventures off the ground. We give you something much more valuable than money ……… we give you support, access to training, and a heap of other resources and the best part is, the majority of it is FREE!!!!

We’re pleased to be able to introduce the latest support mechanism for Startup’s, Startup Alliance. A place where all budding Entrepreneurs and Startup’s can come to learn how to start-up their business. Everything from setting up a company to building websites to how to raise an invoice. Every single question you have every had, we have the answers.
Starting a business isn’t easy, it takes time and a lot of research and or money, but not any more. 

At Startup Alliance not only do we teach everything you need to know about starting up your new business, we also promote your products/services, after all, what sort of alliance would it be if you don’t get business from it!

The fact is - 80% of new businesses fail within 2 yrs - don't be a statistic

The main reason the majority of businesses fail is because the operator is not prepared and when we say prepared, we mean that the operator isn’t ready to face the workload (both emotional and physical) that is coming their way.  

Running a business is a ******g hard gig and too many people go into it thinking its going to be a walk in the park, then all of a sudden they are working 20 hours a day 7 days a week and not making any money – yes, thats the reality by the way – makes you think, why on earth would we put ourselves through this. To be brutally honest, that is a question we ask ourselves regularly and the answer is because we are a little (or a lot) crazy – that and we love the chase!

Startupalliance.com.au has been built to kill that statistic. We provide you with the preparedness that you need to make this thing happen. We can’t be there  to drag you out of bed in the morning or feed you coffee late at night, but we will be there for you and hold your hand (figuratively speaking) when things get tough, and lets not BS each other, they will, and when they do, all you want is someone to help you get back on track.

Your dream business is not that far away, as long as you go into this thing with your eyes wide open and are prepared

Success is 70% Attitude , 20% Skill and 10% Good Luck

The majority of “success coaches” (what ever they are) are too afraid to tell you the truth about what success is because that puts them out of a job. The fact is, you can be the most skilled person on the planet and if you have a crap attitude, then success will evade you. However we have all met people who are not skilled or educated – who are massive successes – why? Because they believed in themselves. That belief carried them through. They never took no for an answer and just kept pushing, ever single day, no matter how hard it got, they just kept going and in the end it paid off. But they don’t stop there, they keep going and going and going.

Lets not kid each other, there is definitely an element of luck in this thing. You develop a product just at the right time and boom! You develop a product just after someone else does and bang, you’re dead. 

Your membership with Startupalliance.com.au will provide you with the skill or at least how to find the skill. We will also work on the Attitude as much as we can. The luck piece is up to you, remember though, it has been said many many times

“the more you train, the luckier you become”

and yes, just like a professional sports person, you need to train hard to make your business successful.

Fill your head with good stuff!

It is essential that your mind is right before you launch into any business venture. If you are filling your mind with doubtful garbage you will struggle to build the resilience required to fight of the negative thoughts that will eat away at your dreams. Below are a three clips that are essential watching for ANYONE chasing their dreams. Inside Startupalliance.com.au you will find many more of these which you can access whenever you need. Remember you need to feed your mind good nutritious food. 

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