Protect your startup dreams

Surround yourself with good people

When we start our own business we are confronted with a whole heap of different things that need to be done. They are everything from invoicing to marketing to setting up company structures and even hiring and firing people. It’s a complex beast and anyone who has done it and made it happen knows there are times when you just want to pack it in.

You can make it but one of the best ways to make it is by surrounding yourselves with like minded people, that means hanging out with people like you, people who are out there day and night turning their dreams into reality. Not people who are sitting at the pub or in front of the TV all night. Surround yourself with people who believe in, people who believe in themselves. The reason why you should follow this advice is because the belief others have in themselves is contagious. This contagiousness helps you start believing what they are saying, which will be that you actually have everything you need to make this happen, guess what, you will make it happen.

Trust me, after years in business this is a very rare trait, to be able to find these people. There are plenty of places to find them these days. Try forums, events, meet ups, seminars etc.

The hardest part to this lesson is to stop hanging around the people who DON’T  make you feel like you can do it or the people who are all ready trying to steal your dream. This is difficult because some of these people may be your best friends or even family. And if they are they you should be able to sit them down and say,

“jack, you know I am starting this business and mate it’s really tough. I need all the support I can get at the moment and that doesn’t mean you bagging me or telling me it isn’t going to work. If you can’t support me, I’m sorry but I’ll have to stop seeing you. Can you help me or not”

From here you will get your answer. This is tough but you have to identify if your dream is worth while making sacrifices. That is purely your call, but I will say, don’t let people steal your dreams

Be very careful. Protect your thoughts and dreams.

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