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Startup Dream Stealers

You are reading this because you have either started your own business or are thinking about starting your own business. Either way if you haven’t already you will experience the dreaded Dream Stealer.

A Dream Stealer is someone who wants to (either consciously or unconsciously) steal your dream of setting up or running your own business and being successful.

The Dream Stealer comes in many different forms. It can be a parent, a spouse, a person of influence, a relative or a close friend. Dream Stealers are clever conniving creatures. They can even turn your own mind into a dream stealer.

The question as to why the Dream Stealer exists is a mystery to man. There are plenty of theories around this phenomenon. Many think it is because the other person wants to protect you, but I personally believe this is not true. I think many Dream Stealers are stealing due to ego, their ego. They secretly don’t want you to be successful because if what ever you are working on does actually work, then there is no excuse as to why they shouldn’t do something.

An example. I recently heard of a person who was involved in a startup. They went to market raised over $1,000,000 in private equity and launched the business. That persons wife was a Dream Stealer.  She however was a Dream Stealer out of love. Her best friend however was a Dream Stealer out of Ego. When the funding was secured, she (the entrepreneur’s wife’s friend) said it will not work. Unfortunately the entrepreneur had chosen the people he associated with in the new venture poorly, and the board broke down after 4 months. Both the entrepreneur and his wife were devastated. He in particular had put years into this business with no support. However the most surprising element was the text message the entrepreneur’s wife received from her “best friend”, it read, “well it looks like ????’s business wasn’t all it was cracked up to be after all”. Classic Dream Stealing behaviour.

Who does that as a best friend. A Dream Stealer that’s who. This person was shit scared that these people were going to be successful.

Be aware guys, the Dream Stealers are everywhere. The only way you can eliminate the Dream Stealers is be aware of their presence and when you are confronted by one of them, nod politely and say (aloud or under your breath) thank you for your concern, however unless you are an expert in this field (which 98% of them aren’t) get the F*** out of my way!  Stay focused on what you want to achieve. Don’t wavier on your objectives. Just keep pushing forward every single day.

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